What if God had a Facebook Page ?

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What if God had a Facebook Page…

For some reason known only to God, that thought passed through my brain during church this morning.  You know how those random, completely bizarre and out of the blue thoughts come sailing in, at the strangest moments?  And right in the middle of a really good sermon, too!  I managed to shake it off, and keep listening to the preacher, but I did explore the topic more fully after lunch.

What if He did ?  I mean, I know God probably doesn’t have an i-Phone, or an i-Pad Pro, or even a Power Mac….  why would He need any of that, if He made the Universe, this world and all of us, right?  But suppose just for a moment, that He did actually have a Facebook page, and checked us all out from time to time.   Would it make a difference to us?  It would for me.  I know I would have to go back and look at all the stuff I post, and probably delete about 2/3 of it (if not ALL of it).

I have thought about this before. Not so much whether God has a FB page or not, but if what I post on my FB page would be acceptable to Him.  I suspect that God would take a dim view of Facebook, and the time I waste on there, when I could be trying harder to lay off the sinning, and be a better Christian in general.  Loving other people more…..   ALL of my neighbors and fellow men and women, not just my family and friends.

I know that when I do post something on Facebook, at least lately, I think more carefully about what I am gonna say, and usually have to do a little editing before I hit the POST button.  We could all probably take the advice of the old saying, “Make sure the brain is in gear before releasing the clutch on your mouth”.  My point is, God doesn’t need a Facebook page to keep tabs on any of us.  If He knows every hair on our head, and He knew us before we were formed in the womb, He already knows what we are thinking about posting on Facebook!  Let’s be good, for goodness sake !



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