I saw recently that the final “OFFICIAL” death toll for 911 was 2,996. That includes those killed in the WTC, the Pentagon, and the 4 airliners. That’s pretty awful. But what if we suffered the equivalent of 911 EVERY SINGLE DAY ? That would be almost unthinkable, right ?

Well, that’s what’s happening, every day in America. A little more than 3000 innocent unborn CHILDREN, are MURDERED by Planned Parenthood and the other abortion providers. EVERY DAY. A 911 every day. And it’s not gonna stop until we ALL find our voices and speak to our friends and neighbors and politicians, to defend these innocents.

It’s up to you, and me. And I am not gonna stop talking about this, because Jesus Christ EXPECTS me to do this, just as He expects all of you, as Christians, to do so. If this bothers you, or you don’t want to hear my occasional messages on this topic, go ahead and unfriend me now, because you are part of the problem. But if you want to be part of the solution, join me in spreading the message of hope that we can defeat the abortionists, and pray that they will turn from their wickedness, and ask Jesus for his forgiveness.

There will be another 911 tomorrow…. and the day after…. and so on….. Until we make a difference.

Thanks for listening.


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