Following Governor Phil Bryant’s signing of the Religious Freedom bill yesterday, and the accompanying firestorm of controversy that has ensued, mostly from the liberal LGBTQ world (and their supporters), I have been thinking how I really feel about this, and would like to offer my humble comments.

I am a Christian, have been all of the 70 years I have been on this Earth.  Most of that time was spent in The Episcopal Church, the Church of the Nativity, in fact,  Baptized by the elder Bishop Duncan Gray, confirmed by his son of the same name, and spent nearly 50 years there. About 3 years ago Rebecca and I moved to the Westminster Presbyterian Church on E. Park Ave.   I find that my Christian life has been gloriously re-awakened there.

I am very troubled that so many people I know personally seem to think that Gov. Bryant’s actions have set Mississippi back 200 years.  I am troubled by the hate that spews forth on both sides of this issue.  But at the same time I am tired personally of feeling like I have to apologize to anyone for being a Christian.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself.  First and foremost, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is MY primary responsibility as a Christian. I am responsible for making that relationship work, and to be the person He would want me to be.  I hate no one.  And that’s all I ask in return.  But I am tired of feeling persecuted for my Christian faith.

I don’t care what any of you do, what your sexual orientation may be, none of that. As far as I am concerned. you have your rights to do as you please. Just recognize that so do I , and so do all Christians. I do not judge you or criticize you.  Someone else will do that at the appropriate time. Until then, please understand that I don’t hate you. Can you return the favor ?  We are all sinners, me especially.  Let’s show a little more love in this world, and stop the bullying, the hate and the arguments.

I for one will mind my own business, but I will not be persecuted for my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is too late in my life for that.  I want to enjoy my 8 grand children and try to be the man my Savior would want me to be before my time is up on this beautiful sphere.  I won’t succeed of course, but I will try my best.  Now please, can we move on ?


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One Response to MY 2 CENTS…..

  1. Bill Johnston says:

    Like you, I too am a Christian…in the best and the worst sense. Being a Christian is complex for me. Still, I am at the age where I am far more tolerant of others regardless of what or who they are. I have dominion over one person, me. I cannot make someone else do what I want if they don’t want to do it, so I acquiesce-like God has done to us-all decisions to the individual. I haven’t always felt that way. The one thing that I would say is please just because you feel a certain way, don’t ask me to celebrate it or even validate it unless it is sympathetic to my own beliefs. And, in return I will give you the respect that you ask of me. As for the legislature, I never knew a government that could validate Christianity. Therefore I hope my state’s government will find some way to remove themselves from the validation of my Savior. He doesn’t need it.
    Bill Johnston

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