At the end of the War Between the States, President Lincoln freed the slaves, right?  The Emancipation Proclamation? 1865 or so?  No more slavery.  Evil slave masters like Thomas Jefferson and hundreds of other plantation owners across the South could no longer make their fortunes on the backs of their black “property”.  Thousands of slaves were free to go their own way, choose their own way of life.

There was just one catch:  they had no education, they knew no other way of life. They had no experience, no money to move anywhere to start over. So the vast majority of them just stayed put.  The men and boys continued to work the fields for their former master, now “employer”, and the women and girls continued to clean house for the boss’s wife.  Most were perfectly happy with this arrangement. They were for the most part, treated well, and content to have a place provided for them. They began to participate in public education. Some found jobs off the farm.  They began to be integrated into modern society as best they could.

By the time John Deere came rolling along into the world of Southern Agriculture in the 1950’s. most all of the old time racists and bigots had died out (certainly not all of them, in fact a good number can still be found today, if  you know where to look). But generally speaking, slavery was dead.  By the time the 6 row cotton picker came along at the end of the 20th century, you could hardly find more than a handful of blacks working as farm labor, There was just nothing left for them to do, so they migrated away, many to the urban centers of the North, like Chicago and Detroit.  Slavery was essentially DEAD.  Right?  Surely you would agree with this statement, especially now in 2016 ?

As ESPN’s College Game Day’s Lee Corso  would say….  “Not so fast, my friend”.

While many would think that slavery was dealt a death blow, and “GOOD RIDDANCE” to it, let’s take a closer look.  Yes, the old slave masters are long dead and gone, but a new, more cunning and more evil slave master has risen in the past 50 years to enslave the same black population, just in a more sinister way.  These slave masters are the modern Democratic Party.  You know their names…..  Barack Obama, Hillary (and Bill) Clinton,  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and some of the lesser luminaries like Jessie Jackson (Sr. and Jr.), Al Sharpton, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, and dozens of black mayors now in power in many American cities.

Where once the old slave masters employed a straw boss armed with a “Black Mariah” – a whip for beatings, the  NEW slave masters now use ENTITLEMENTS as their “soft weapon” of choice – EBT cards, Obama phones, food stamps, crazy checks, Medicaid, of course at expense of the taxpayers…   and not just for the needy and poor, who deserve it, but for any deadbeat that wants to sign up and sit on his ass. (and not just blacks).  Deadbeats have no color of choice.  And the NEW generation of slaves not only cannot see that they are selling their souls to the DEVIL, they are clamoring to give their votes as well, to continue the theft.

And there is another slave master trying to elbow his way into the conversation beside the lying Ms. Clinton, (yep, feeling the Bern yet)?   to add hundreds of thousands of new slaves to the mix, the millennial air headed college kids from the corrupt liberal colleges and Universities across the country, whose thirst for FREE TUITION has been aroused.  They see the new black slaves with their hands in the Democratic pocket, and they want their cut as well, all at the expense of ________________  (Insert your guess here).

Call it what you want….  Progressive Liberalism, Socialism, Communism…….  I call it simply the NEW, MODERN, INVISIBLE SLAVERY THAT ENSLAVES PEOPLE AND THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW IT ! ! !

 The old slavery was bad enough. This new strain is much more virulent and deadly. Because when it finally becomes epidemic, it will kill an entire Nation, both the infected slaves, their evil masters, and the innocent as well.

I am 70 years old, so I don’t really have to worry too much about the outcome, but I am saddened that my three children and 8 grand children will have to live it, and perhaps die because of it. I don’t really care who you vote for, be it Trump, Cruz, Rubio or Kasich. Just PLEASE don’t continue to empower the evil Democratic Party and their  oblivious  slaves (old AND new), to continue enriching themselves at your expense.

We MUST stop the fighting and arguments. If we cannot come together as one people, under one Name, we are doomed. We are not Democrats, not Republicans, not Independents….   we are children of God (for the most part)  But we sure don’t seem to act like it.



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