I think I mentioned somewhere that one of my loves is music. In fact, this year marks 50 years that I have played in various bands, starting at the tender age of 14 (much to my Mother’s horror – she didn’t like me appearing at the local VFW, with guys 20 or 21 years old)!

Anyway, my current band, The Curb Service Band, has been around for 30 years, starting out in 1980. We play that good ole’ rock ‘n roll, mostly from the 60’s – Motown, the Beatles, Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, that kind of stuff.  About three years ago we added the Curvettes, three lovely ladies who are very talented singers, and that allowed us to add a whole new dimension to our repertoire, to include all the great “girl’s groups” music, from the Shirelles, the Supremes, Martha & the Vandellas, the Chiffons, etc.  This was without a doubt the best move we ever made, as the Curvettes have really added a sparkle to our show, and interest in the band has soared!

A few weeks ago we had a professional video producer come to Greenwood and re-shoot some of our earlier videos in beautiful 1080p High Definition, and the results were so good that we decided to revamp our website.  It’s still under construction, but the home page is complete, and you can see these fabulous new videos there.  Please take a moment to click on the link to our new web page, and take a look and listen to the new Curb Service Band, featuring the Curvettes:

Thanks –

— Joe —

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