“Boss, Jaybird and Me” – Second Edition

First, let’s get the dirty details out of the way…  I DO have a small financial interest in this project.  I did the artwork for this book, and pitiful as it was, Junior shares 10% of the profit with me.  But with that said, let me say I would recommend this book to anyone who loves tales of growing up in the South.

Junior (Jimmy C. Reed, Jr. AKA Augustus McCrae in the “LONESOME DOVE REPRISE” post that appears elsewhere in this blog), is probably my best friend.  He is the only world class cotton farmer/college English teacher I know with a Ph.D. in English, and a superb writer.  His specialty is the short story, and he is exceptionally gifted at fitting the most marvelous tales of childhood and mischief into a 500 word piece.  His first book, “Boss, Jaybird and Me”, published in 2006, was a collection of some 150+ short stories of his youth, drawn from his experiences growing up on a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta, under the sharp eye and mentoring hand of a 70+ year old black man everyone called Jaybird.  Jaybird kept Junior out of trouble (mostly), got him into trouble (occasionally), and Junior returned the favor quite frequently.

The first edition was a limited run of 1500 copies, and sold out quickly.  He also released a boxed set audio version on three CD’s that also sold out. Next month, Junior will release a revised, second edition of this work, greatly expanded with very many new stories not included in the first edition.  All I can say is, if you love Southern writers of home spun tales, you don’t want to miss this offering.

It is expected to be printed by the end of this month, and available for sale in early August. The best way to acquire a copy is to email Junior directly, at jcreedjr@bellsouth.net or you can order it online at Square Books in Oxford, where you will find information about the book, a couple of sample stories to whet your appetite, and complete online ordering information.

This book will delight you, make you laugh, maybe shed a tear or too, and make you glad you love to read!

— Joe —


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One Response to “Boss, Jaybird and Me” – Second Edition

  1. Christy says:

    Glad to see Junior has a second edition coming out. Hope it makes you both rich!

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