Time to Pack It Up in Afghanistan ???

The recent sacking last week of General Stanley McChrystal by “Commander in Chief” (yeah, right) Barack Hussein Obama for the General’s admittedly boneheaded comments to a Rolling Stone reporter got me to thinking….   how long will it take us (America) to learn a simple lesson?

We have the finest military machine in the world. We have the technology, we have the training and equipment, but most importantly we have the people, from the lowest private, all the way up to the McChrystal’s and the Petraeus’s.  All of them superb, brave, dedicated warriors, regardless of whether they carry an M-16, a wrench, a spatula or a bag full of bandages, Quik-clot and plasma.  But unfortunately, the chain of command doesn’t stop there.  Keep moving upward in the chain, above the generals and admirals, and you encounter 438 or so Representatives, 100 Senators, a Secretary of Defense, the Vice President and of course Mr. Hope & Change.

Are you beginning to see where I’m going here?  The simple lesson I referred to in the first paragraph is this:  why do we need the bureaucrats to tell these folks HOW to fight a war?  They already know how.  And if the politicians would think a little more carefully about sending these folks to every corner of the world, for every possible reason OTHER THAN fighting wars, things would be so much better.  The first and ONLY job of our military should be to break things, blow up sh*t, and kill people, with as much force as necessary, and as quickly as possible to accomplish the task.  (Do our politicians even know what the task is most of the time)???

Afghanistan is a perfect example of earlier lessons not learned, such as Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi Freedom ’91 under George Herbert Walker Bush – sending the world’s most powerful military into harm’s way, with the caveat, “Be careful, don’t shoot at anybody unless they shoot at you first, and don’t break anything, don’t destroy any infrastructure, don’t insult anybody’s religion, and don’t cause ANY collateral damage – just be sure and win”.

When we send these folks, the Rules of Engagement should be much simpler and more clear-cut:  “Go in, kick some ass, kill ALL the bad guys and anyone else who might look threatening, using everything you’ve got.  If you have to blow up homes, buildings, factories, temples or mosques in the process to accomplish the mission, so be it.  Whatever it takes to destroy the enemy and save as many American lives as possible. Get it done, and come home soon”!

We pretty much did that in World War II.  I don’t think anyone heard too much griping from the Brits, the French, the Dutch, the Poles or the Russians when we were done.  Since that time, things have changed a bit over the years.  Now the politicians think they know more about fighting wars that the military does.  They want to “run the show”, because they “know what’s best”.

Now before you accuse me if being some violent, rabid, war monger, let me get to my point here, which is:  in almost every conflict around the globe since 1950 involving the US military, we have been entirely too quick to send these brave men & women to do precisely what they are NOT trained to do, and have no business doing…  that is; providing security for some cross-border squabble, police actions, nation building, etc.  And in almost every single one of these instances, our troops end up spending most of their time baby sitting people who don’t want us there, and essentially walking around with big bulls-eyes on their backs, while restricted from doing all the things a proper military is supposed to do.

I guess what I’m saying to our brilliant politicians is this:  when you decide it’s time to go and fight someone, think a little longer and harder about it, before you send some family’s child to do your dirty work.  If there is really a good reason to go fight a war, fine.  Go fight it with as much violence and destruction as it takes to wipe out the enemy in the shortest time possible, using every weapon of war in the inventory, and with the fewest number of US casualties, and then come home.  Let our enemies know without any doubt what they can expect if they screw around with the USA.

Then, if a need for training policemen, or nation building still exists, send the newly created Police Training Corps, or the Federal Nation Building Team, staffed by volunteer U.S. Representatives and Senators to lead and manage them. But not our military personnel.

And if you CAN’T do that, if you are not willing to un-tie their hands, and let them do what they do best, then keep them home. Let’s use our military to defend OUR country, and let someone else take a turn at refereeing the 3rd world squabbles that seem to pop up like summer afternoon thunderstorms somewhere every year or so.

Finally, I know General David Petraeus will do his best in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, it may not be nearly enough.  Since the politicians won’t let him napalm the poppy fields, or use air strikes, or do pretty much anything else needed to kill the Taliban and their scum pals Al Qaeda, it looks like he’s been dealt a very short hand, and I fear it is going to end poorly. Without a MAJOR change in ROE (Rules of Engagement), this fight is going to needlessly produce nothing but heartache and sorrow for many more military families, and shame for the pompous political leaders who will ultimately bear the responsibility.

Perhaps General Petraeus would make the best use of his time by simply sending a battalion of his 101st Screaming Eagle paratroopers to drop on Washington, deploy around the White House and the Capitol building, and move into those two buildings and inform the occupants that they are no longer welcome there, escort them all outside, and tell them to get lost.  General Petraeus could then hold a brief press conference announcing that he will temporarily conduct the nation’s business until a new set of leaders can be elected, with only one prerequisite…  no one running for office may have any previous political experience.  Hey, it couldn’t be any worse than what we have now!

– – Joe – –

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